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Software Engineer

For our founding team, we're looking for a software engineer to work in React, ReactNative, JavaScript, TypeScript, Firebase, MySQL. It'll be the ride of a lifetime. All aboard!


Cooper was founded to make all professional relationships meaningful, trusted, and real. We're currently working hard to build tools for that future.

  • Shape the product in the early stages of a startup

  • Work with an experienced and small group

  • Software engineering role as part of founding team
  • Perks and benefits to keep you focused
  • Transparent compensation, in salary & stock options
  • Challenge yourself to do you best work ever

Robert Gaal

Co-founder & CEO

Previously product manager at Google and founder of Wakoopa & Karma

Emiel van Liere

Co-founder & CTO

Previously lead mobile at Hyves, the largest Dutch social network.

Esteban Garcia

Co-founder & Head of Design

Previously senior designer at and Designit

Camille Grotenbreg

People & Operations Manager

Previously operations manager at Startupbootcamp & Innoleaps

Maciej Siwek

Senior Engineer

Previously engineer and internal exploration team lead at Rainforest 

What we offer

  • Become a founding team member
    Instead of adapting to current structures and behaviors you get to come up with some yourself. It's a big opportunity to make your mark and be responsible for your own impact. Put your flag in the ground. Take the bull by the horns. You get it. 

  • Experienced fellowship
    This is not our first picnic. We'll back up your experience with ours, from companies like Google, Booking or Hyves. Our CTO was an early engineer at several growing companies, so there's a lot you can pick his brain on. That includes all the stuff we messed up, horribly.

    Our team is supported by the same investors who once supported Lyft, Skype, Slack, and TransferWise, former and current team members of Apple, Facebook, Google, and Shopify, and founders of companies such as Clearbit, Framer, Mesosphere, and WeTransfer.

  • Transparent compensation
    We love ramen! Just not every day. That means a salary that does more than just pay the bills. Our offer also includes stock options in the company at a seed valuation.  

  • Space to grow
    We'll support your professional growth by connecting you with mentors from our network, and giving you a budget to level up your skills.

    Perhaps you'd like to focus more on big data infrastructure. Or maybe managing a bigger engineering team in a few years sounds like a nice challenge. Or our mobile deployment is something you'd like to architect in all its detail. Or all of the above!

    That's up to you. I'm only a job post, not a career advisor.

Our perks & benefits

Flexible working hours

You know when you do your best work. Just be there when your team needs.

Equipment & hardware

We'll cover the cost of the hardware and tools you need to do your job. 

Time off

We don't count your days off, but recommend at least 25 days per year. 

Learning & growth budget

You can spend towards learning that helps you & the team grow.

Part of a community

We're a resident of TQ, a startup hub in the center of Amsterdam. 

Lunch, snacks & drinks

Tasty snacks, selection of drinks, fancy hipster coffee, and catered lunch.

Yearly workation

 Once a year, the whole team works out of a remote vacation destination.

Team events

We have lunch together daily, drinks on Fridays and regular tasty team dinners.

What we're looking for

  • Diverse backgrounds
    Our team needs to be as diverse as the communities and users we serve. We're encouraging people from underrepresented groups in tech to apply. 

  • Affinity for our stack
    We build our frontend in React and React Native, and our backend in Node.js, Express and Typescript. We use Apollo Server to expose our Graphql API. It runs on Google Cloud Platform using MySQL, Redis and AppEngine, as well as other GCP backends like Firebase. As we expand, we also plan to dive into graph search and real-time messaging. 

    Building, testing and deploying are fully automated so we can quickly and continuously develop and ship new features.

    We're starting small, but we've learned from our previous experience that building a social/professional network comes with unique scalability challenges. You'd get the opportunity to learn with us as we grow, or to apply your own experience in building highly scalable systems. 

    Experience with our tech is great, but not a must. If you learn fast, you have a place here.

  • Learning mindset
    One thing we know how to do is learn fast. This is exactly what we look for in you too. 

    Most of what you know comes from your passion for doing new things and learning how it all works along the way. If it's not anyone's job, you might take it on to learn yourself a new skill and help your team at the same time.

  • Obsessed with tech
    Whatever tools are best for the job, those are what interest us. You have a similar mindset.

    You're not an expert on everything, but you do have the interest to look outside of the toolset in front of you to find the best one. This could mean that you've been called an "all-round engineer" at one point or want to become one.

  • Team first
    We don't believe in the myth of the shy engineer, hurled up in the corner of the office. You have a solid set of communication skills, and aren't afraid to speak up if the conversation is going into the "cool-but-technically-impossible" zone.

    After all, you'll be exposed to every decision, big or small, throughout the growth of the company.

Not an engineer?

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"We’re tired of adding people to our network only to realize that we don’t know who they are anymore."

Robert Gaal in Composite networks